Document for Shipping Human Remains

  1. Copy of Death Certificate.
  2. Copy of Transit/Burial Permit.
  3. Original Copy of Non-Communicable Disease Letter issued by Coroners, Medical Examiner or State/City Health Agency.
  4. Original Notarized Embalmers Affidavit stating how the body was embalmed.
  5. Original Notarized Letter from Funeral Home stating that the body has been placed in a hermetically sealed metal casket.
  6. The deceased’s Nigerian Passport (if not available, a relative with a valid Nigerian Passport should swear a notarized affidavit stating their relationship and that the deceased is a Nigerian).
  7. $30.00 (Thirty Dollars) Postal Money Order or Certified Bank Cheque as processing fee, made payable to the Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta.
  8. Contact Name, Address and Telephone Number of the receiving party in Nigeria.
  9. A self-addressed stamped express mail envelope should be enclosed with all the aforementioned documents for sending the Permission Letter.
  10. Formal Letter from the Funeral Home asking the Consulate to issue a Letter for Shipment of Human Remains to Nigeria.
  11. WAIVER FOR THE REPATRIATION OF CORPSE from the Federal Ministry of Health – Port Health Services, Abuja.
  12. Photocopies and Original Documents are required.

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