1. The Consulate General of Nigeria, Atlanta, has commenced the issuance of the Enhanced e-Passport after successful roll-out in the United States of America on 5th July, 2022.
  2. New application for the regular e-Passport can no longer be made except for the Enhanced e-Passport.
  3. All applicants who have already applied for the regular e-Passport before the shutdown of the application portal on 2nd July, 2022 and able to make payment for the regular e-Passport, shall continue to receive attention and services within the window of the payment expiration indicated on the payment receipt/acknowledgement slip.
  1. The Enhanced e-Passport has the following features and benefits:
  • Ten-year validity booklet that saves frequent visit to Passport offices.
  • Highly durable booklet with enhanced security features that projects citizens integrity.
  • Polycarbonate data page that enhances quality of the Passport.
  • Strict appointment system for transparency and orderliness.
  1. The Enhanced e-Passport comes in three-categories:
1. 32-Page 5 Years $142
2. 64-Page 5 Years $162
3. 64-Page 10 Years (Adults (18 years & above only) $242
  1. Additional mandatory requirement for processing the Enhanced e-Passport is the possession of the National Identity Number (NIN). Please visit: for information on approved vendors for processing of NIN in the United States.
  2. Procedures for applying for the Enhanced e-Passport are as follows:
  • Get your National Identity Number. NIN is a mandatory requirement.
  • Visit to apply and make payment.
  • Book an appointment for biometric enrolment via
  • Proceed for enrolment at the Consulate on your appointment date, taking along all required documents.
  • Await delivery of Passport by Post.
  1. The arrangement of names (last/surname, first and middle) and date of birth (day/month/year) on the passport and the NIN must match exactly. Enhanced e-Passport cannot be processed if there are discrepancies in the Passport and NIN data. Details on both documents must be the same and exact.
  2. The Enhanced e-Passport can only proceed by visiting the respective Embassy/Consulate. Applications for Enhanced e-Passport cannot be processed at Passport Intervention Exercise outside the Embassy/Consulate.
  1. The online application, payment and appointment for the regular e-Passport and Enhanced e-Passport are independent of each other and cannot be switched or substituted for other.
  1. Walk-in without appointment is NOT PERMITTED on the Enhanced e-Passport platform.
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