1. As part of the efforts of the Nigerian Government to ease the passport application process and provide a better experience to all Nigerians around the world, an Automated Passport Application Process was rolled out in the Diaspora on the 8th of March, 2024.
  1. The first phase of the automated process, which is a paperless system, entails online application, documents uploading, payment, NIN verification, application vetting and approval. The second phase of the process, which is a fully automated system and contactless in nature is scheduled to commence later in the year.
  1. The fully automated process, when fully operational, will enable applicants for renewal/reissue apply their passports and have it processed and issued without the need to be physically present at the Consulate for their biometrics, only fresh applicants will have to be present for their biometrics to be captured.
  1. Some of the merits of the new reform are:
  1. An e-filing system – Eliminates manual filing of applications.
  2. An error proof application process – Totally eliminates application and NIN errors that are usually committed by applicants as both NIN and Passport data will be verified at the application stage by applicants.
  3. Applications are pre-verified and pre-approved before the arrival of applicants for biometric capturing;
  1. Drastic reduction of waiting time for applicants during the biometric capturing process; and
  2. Reduced overall processing time from enrolment to issuance of passport.
  1. The automated process requires that all applicants must:
  1. Be a Nigerian citizen;
  2. Have a National Identification Number (NIN);
  3. Have passport photographs that meet the ICAO standards. Passport

Photograph specifications are as follows:

  • The image should be 2 inches by 2 inches;
  • White background;
  • The image must have adequate brightness and contrast;
  • The skin tone should be natural.
  1. Have a birth certificate and/or local government certificate of indigeneship, before proceeding to the portal for registration.
  1. Six easy steps of the Automated Passport Application Process are:

Step 1: To begin, visit the official NIS Passport Application Portal:

  • Choose where you are applying from (from Nigeria (Domestic) or abroad (click on continue);
  • Select the type of application you required which could be either Fresh, Renewal/Re-issue or Correction of Data,
  • Before proceeding, you can check for requirements, test photo
    upload and check appointment availability.

Step 2: Sign in via your existing Google account or sign-up using OpenID.

Step 3: Fill in your National Identification Number (NIN), date of birth, and the auto-generated captcha to confirm your identity.

Step 4: Fill in the online application form as required.

  • You will be asked to select the Country where you want your passport processed, the booklet type, and the processing office (Embassy/High Commission/Consulate),
  • The options selected will determine the fees to be charged for the passport.

Step 5: Document Upload:

  • Upload your passport photograph and other supporting documents;
  • Complete the application form, make payment and print the application form and the payment receipt.
  • Book appointment.

Step 6: Walk into your selected Embassy/High Commission/Consulate for Biometric Capturing on your appointment date.

  • After completing all online application requirements, applicants
    are expected to go to their selected Embassy/High Commission/Consulate for biometric capturing;
  • After biometric capturing, applicants can track their application process using the application number and reference number provided by the immigration portal.


  1. Arrangement of names (last/surname, first and middle) and date of birth (day/month/year) on the PASSPORT and the NIN must MATCH EXACTLY. Enhanced e-Passport cannot be processed if there are discrepancies in the Passport and NIN data. Details on both documents must be the same and exact.
  2. Please visit: for information on approved vendors for processing of NIN in the United States
  3. The Enhanced e-Passport comes in three-categories:
1. 32-Page 5 Years $142
2. 64-Page 5 Years $162
3. 64-Page 10 Years (Adults, 18 years & above only) $242
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